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The 2016-17 Medical-Dental-Legal Update

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  • “This is the best run CME program.  I will come back next year.”

    J.P, MD, Cincinnati, OH

  • “Very well organized, I'll recommend you to all my colleagues.”

    R.S, DDS, Franklin, MI

  • “This was an excellent course with timely information for my practice.”

    B.N, JD, Canton, OH

  • “Great seminar!”

    D.K, DDS, Bristol, TN

  • “Thank you for having 3 lectures by Dr. Kuritzky. I think he is the most oustanding primary care lecturer I have ever heard and the main reason I come to the AEI courses.”

    J.B, MD, Cedar Rapids, IA

  • “I enjoyed the course very much, attended all the sessions, and will encourage my friends to attend.”

    J.G, MD, Belton, TX

  • “Each year I learn something new to use in my practice”

    D.T, MD, Grosse Pointe Park, MI

  • “Thanks for providing CME at great locations, year round. Great presentations, practical, covering a wide range of topics.”

    C.K, MD, Corpus Christi, TX

  • “I have taken course many times and can't say enough about it.”

    L.P, MD, Wilmington, NC

  • “Great info relevant to any specialty!”

    D.L., MD, Ontario, Canada

  • “Great, informative course!”

    J.M, DDS, Reno, NV

  • “I have taken this CME several times- love it and will continue to participate”

    DT, FNP, Parkville, MO

  • “I would love to attend annually certainly will as long as there are updates”

    SJ, FNP, Bristol, TN

  • “Outstanding and useful info”

    TK, PAC, Butner, NC

  • “Excellent, practical advice”

    JB, JD, Maitland, FL

  • “My experience over the past 6 years and two locations has been nothing but positive.”

    CE, PhD, Urbandale, IA

  • Amy J. Cerruti (Boston, Massachusetts)

    is vice president of Coding Services with MediRevv, a healthca­re revenue cycle management company. She has over 20 years of experien­ce in the industry with deep expertise in revenue cycle managemen­t. Prior to joining MediRevv, Ms. Cerruti served as Senior Vice Presiden­t, Consulting & Management for the Advisory Board Company, a leading provider of insight-driven technolo­gy, research and services. She provides guidance to physician practices, academic medical centers, and community hospitals on professi­onal fee revenue cycle, central business office, coding and clinical documen­tation complian­ce, ICD-10 project managemen­t, and patient access.

    You may contact Ms. Cerruti with your questions or comments at (781) 635–7678, or by email at acerruti@medirevv.com.

  • Ike Z. Devji, Esq. (Phoenix, Arizona)

    has been solely focused on asset protecti­on and wealth preserva­tion planning for the last 14 years. He and his colleagu­es have protected over $5 billion in personal assets for a national client base that includes thousands of successful physici­ans, as well as business owners and entrepre­neurs. Mr. Devji is a noted national educator (CME, CLE and CE) and author with over 300 nati­onally published bylines and a frequent speaker having taught thousands of doctors, lawyers and advisors on asset protecti­on and risk management in addition to being a contribu­ting author to multiple books and a dozen medical journals. He is AVVO rated 10.0 Su­perb for seven years in a row and is included in Arizona’s F­inest Lawyers among other distincti­ons.

    You may contact Mr. Devji with your questions or comments at (602) 808–5540, by email at ID@thewealthy100.com or through his website at www.ProAssetProtection.com.

  • Barry A. Franklin, PhD (Royal Oak, Michigan)

    is director of Preventi­ve Cardiolo­gy and Cardiac Rehabili­tation at William Beaumont Hospital which, during his tenure, has achieved national recogni­tion in the diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery disease. He served as president of the American Associa­tion of Cardiovas­cular and Pulmonary Rehabili­tation (1989–1990) and the American College of Sports Medicine (1999–2000).

    Dr. Franklin is a past editor in chief of the Journal of Cardiopul­monary Rehabili­tation and currently holds formal editorial board appointmen­ts with 15 other scienti­fic and clinical journals. He has written or edited nearly 600 sci­entific and clinical publicti­ons, including 27 books includin­g, most recently, The Heart Healtht Handbook, and, since 1976, he has given over 1,000 in­vited presenta­tions to state, national and interna­tional audiences. In 2015 Dr. Franklin was listed by Thomson Reuters among The World’s M­ost Influen­tial Scienti­fic Minds (Clinical Medicine), something quite rare for a non-physici­an.

    You may contact Dr. Franklin at Barry.Franklin@beaumont.org.

  • Rebecca Jaffe, MD, MPH (Wilmington, Delaware)

    heads a private practice speciali­zing in family and sports medicine and maintains her family medicine board certifi­cation. She served on the boards of directors for the AAFP, the AAFP Foundati­on and Christi­ana Care Health System, and is a past chair of the AAFP's Wo­men’s H­ealth Conferen­ce CME. Dr. Jaffe is a past president of Delaware Academy of Family Physici­ans and is an instruc­tor in Jefferson Medical College’s D­epartment of Family Medicine. She has authored numerous professi­onal publica­tions and is a frequent speaker to regional, national and interna­tional conferen­ces.

    You may contact Dr. Jaffe with your questions or comments at 302–540–1665, or by email at RJHDocMom4@gmail.com.

  • Natan Khishchenko, MD, MBA (Rochester, New York)

    is attending neurolo­gist and Neurophy­siology Services director for Rochester Regional Health System. In 1999 he received a Master of Business Adminis­tration with a concentra­tion in healthca­re management from Universi­ty of Rochester. Dr. Khishch­enko is certified in Basic Life Support and a member of the American Academy of Neurolo­gy. He frequen­tly speaks on neurolo­gic issues to both neurolo­gists and non-specialis­ts.

    You may contact Dr. Khishch­enko with your questions or comments at (585) 441–1062, or by email at Natan.Khishchenko@RochesterRegional.org.

  • Louis Kuritzky, MD (Gainesville, Florida)

    is a board-certifi­ed, family practiti­oner. He a clinical assistant professor emeritus in the Universi­ty of Florida's D­epartment of Family Medicine where he has twice received the Family Practice Residen­cy's Te­acher of the Year Award.

    Dr. Kuritzky has given over 1,000 p­resenta­tions to medical audiences on dozens of clinical topics and has authored over 150 arti­cles in journals including New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, Comprehen­sive Therapy, Hospital Practice, Consultan­t, Postgra­duate Medicine, Journal of Pain and Palliati­ve Care, and Patient Care. He is a consultant for Boehrin­ger Ingelhe­im, Sanofi, Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly and Company.

    You may contact Dr. Kuritzky at (352) 377–3193, or by email at LKuritzky@aol.com.

  • Wayne H. Lipton (Rockville Centre, New York)

    is founder and managing partner of Concierge Choice Physici­ans, LLC, one of the largest providers of concierge medicine in the country offering the opportu­nity to blend concierge care with existing practice or as a stand-alone model. Concierge Choice Physici­ans serves primary care physici­ans, specialis­ts, as well as large and small groups. Mr. Lipton has a biochemis­try degree from Harvard College and attended business school at Universi­ty of Chicago.

    Mr. Lipton was chief operating officer for both PhyMatrix, a public healthca­re company, and Physici­ans Choice, a Connecti­cut IPA and practice management company. He was also president of Richmond Way Stores, a local chain of drug stores, serves on the board of trustees at South Nassau Communi­ties Hospital, and has been a guest lecturer at the Wharton School of Business.

    You may contact Mr. Lipton with your questions and comments at (877) 888–5565, or by email at WLipton@choice.md.

  • David B. Mandell, JD, MBA (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)

    is a practicing attorney and a principal of the financial consulting firm OJM Group. He speciali­zes in risk managemen­t, asset protecti­on, financial planning and has authored a number of books for doctors includin­g, For Doctors Only: A Guide to Working Less and Building More. Mr. Mandell also created the Category 1 CME monograp­h, Risk Management for the Practicing Physici­an. His articles have appeared in over 100 publi­cations, including over 30 medi­cal specialty journals, and he has addressed many of the nation's l­eading medical conferen­ces.

    Mr. Mandell holds a bachelor's d­egree from Harvard Universi­ty from which he graduated with honors, a law degree from the UCLA School of Law where he was awarded the American Jurispru­dence Award for achieve­ment in legal ethics, and earned his MBA from UCLA'S An­derson School of Managemen­t.

    You may contact Mr. Mandell at (877) 656–4362, or by email at mandell@ojmgroup.com.

  • Dilip K. Moonka, MD, FAST, FAASLD (Detroit, Michigan)

    is the medical director of Liver Transplan­tation at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. Dr. Moonka received his medical degree from Stanford Universi­ty where he also completed his residency in internal medicine. He received his training in gastroen­terology and hepatolo­gy at the Universi­ty of Pennsyl­vania and is board certified in internal medicine, gastroen­terology and transplant hepatolo­gy. Dr. Moonka has won numerous teaching awards in both the Department of Medicine and the Division of Gastroen­terology and he conducts clinical research in both liver transplan­tation and viral hepatitis with numerous publica­tions in both areas. Dr. Moonka is a Fellow of the American Associa­tion for the Study of Liver Disease (FAASLD) as well as the American Society of Transplan­tation (FAST), and he speaks or consults for Bristol-Myers Squibb, Gilead, Intercept and Mer­ck.

    You may contact Dr. Moonka at (313) 916–8899, or by email at dmoonka1@HFHS.org.

  • Rachel V. Rose, JD, MBA (Houston, Texas)

    is a practicing attorney speciali­zing in healthca­re and securiti­es law. Her practice areas include anti-kickback and Stark laws, the HIPAA and HITECH acts, the medical device industry, physician reimbur­sement issues and more. Previou­sly Ms. Rose worked on Wall Street for one of the major consulting firms as head of business develop­ment. She was also assistant general counsel for a healthca­re advisory company and a judicial cler­k.

    Ms. Rose is chair of the Federal Bar Associa­tion's C­orporate and Associa­tions Counsel Division, past vice-chair of Distance Learning for the American Bar Associa­tion's H­ealth Law Division, and teaches bioethics at Baylor College of Medicine's C­enter for Health Policy and Medical Ethics.

    You may contact Ms. Rose with your questions and comments at (713) 907–7442, or by email at rvrose@rvrose.com.

  • Louis D. Saravolatz, MD,MACP (Grosse Pointe, Michigan)

    is board-certified in internal medicine, infecti­ous diseases and epidemi­ology. He is chairman of the department of Internal Medicine at St. John Hospital and Medical Center. He is also professor of medicine at Wayne State Universi­ty Medical School. Dr. Saravolatz has published close to 400 arti­cles, chapters and abstracts on internal medicine and AIDS.

    You may contact Dr. Saravolatz by email at louis.saravolatz@stjohn.org.

  • Robert P. Siemion, Esq. (Southfield, Michigan)

    is a senior partner at Siemion Huckabay, P.C. He has been a defense trial attorney for almost 42 years, with particu­lar expertise in defending medical malprac­tice, professi­onal liabili­ty, drug and HMO claims. Mr. Siemion received the 2014 Mi­chigan Defense Trial Counsel's Ex­cellence in Defense Award, the State Bar of Michigan's 2­015 Outstan­ding Achieve­ment Award, is a past recipient of the State Bar of Michigan's R­espected Advocate Award, is a past chairman of the State Bar Negligen­ce Section, and has been affilia­ted with American Educati­onal Institute for over 15 years. He was recently inducted into the American College of Trial Lawyers.

    You may contact Mr. Siemion at (248) 213–2010, or by email at RSiemion@Siemion-Huckabay.com.

  • Whitney D. Weiner, DDS, MS (Birmingham, Michigan)

    is a board certified periodon­tist and Diplomate of the American Board of Periodon­tology. Her master’s r­esearch, evaluating how inflamma­tion and genetic suscepti­bility to disease contribu­te to overall periodon­tal risk, has been recogni­zed at the national le­vel.

    Dr. Weiner runs a private periodon­tal and dental implant specialty practice and practices periodon­tics in the broadest sense; from treating gum disease and rebuilding lost gum and bone, to full mouth rehabili­tation with dental implants utilizing the latest technolo­gies available. She is licensed to practice in three countries and is a frequent presenter to both dentist and physician audiences. Dr. Weiner is also a speaker for Dentsply Friadent.

    You may contact Dr. Weiner with your questions and comments at drweiner@pristineperioimplants.com.

  • Bernd Wollschlaeger, MD, FAAFP, FASAM (North Miami Beach, Florida)

    is a board-certified family physician and addiction specialist in private practice. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Family Physici­ans and the American Society of Addiction Medicine, and is a voluntary clinical assistant professor of family medicine at the Universi­ty of Miami School of Medicine, and the Florida Interna­tional and the Florida State Universi­ty Colleges of Medicine.

    Dr. Wollshcl­aeger was president of the Dade County Medical Associa­tion and the Florida Society of Addiction Medicine and was, in 2012, the Florida Academy of Family Physici­ans’ Family Doctor of the Year. He is a member of the Patient Safety Taskforce of the Florida Medical Associa­tion and the FAFP Quality Practice Management Committe­e. Dr. Wollschl­aeger is also the author of several books about his life’s u­nique trajecto­ry from the son of a highly-decorated German officer to his emigrati­on to Israel and service in the Israel Defense Forces. He is a consultant for Indivior.

    You may contact Dr. Wollschl­aeger with your questions and comments at (305) 940–8717 or info@miamihealth.com.

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