Course Objectives

The 2017-18 Medical-Dental-Legal Update

You practice in a dynamic and challen­ging environ­ment. While keeping clinica­lly current is imperati­ve, it isn't enough. You must also acquire the skills necessary to navigate a professi­onal liability minefiel­d, manage a more effective and efficient practice, and navigate a maze of healthca­re laws and regulati­ons. The 2017–18 Medical-Dental-Legal Update Update is designed to assist you in that endeavor.

The course, offered weekly in 32 envi­able destina­tions, is a unique, 20-hour survey of the intersec­tion of medicine and law as well as selected clinical topics. Produced in state-of-the-art producti­on studios with broadcast-grade, HD digital technolo­gy, The 2017–18 Medical-Dental-Legal Update is approved for up to 20 hours AMA PRA Category 1 Credit­s™, 19 AAFP Prescri­bed credits, as well as extensive Continu­ing Legal Education and Continu­ing Dental Education credit and offers vital instruc­tion from national experts in the fields of law, medicine, dentistry, asset protecti­on, revenue cycle management and practice managemen­t. And their presenta­tions include discussi­ons ranging from domestic violence, payment receipt optimiza­tion, medical malprac­tice, fraud and abuse, and optimizing retirement and benefit plan structu­res, to the oral-systemic connecti­on, medical errors, Hepatitis B & C, neurology and cardiovas­cular fitness.

The Update is presented in a structu­red classroom setting affording you the opportu­nity for dialogue with your medical, dental and legal colleagu­es, and through September 28, 2018, you will have over 900 oppor­tunities to attend at your choice of 30 premi­er sun and ski resorts – virtually any week you choose.

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Course Objecti­ves

After completing The 2017–18 Medical-Dental-Legal Update you should have acquired the knowledge that will better enable you to:

  • Recommend preventi­ve lifestyle behaviors and protecti­ve pharmacot­herapy.
  • Assess the appropri­ateness of the direct patient care model for your practice
  • Utilize a variety of clinica­lly relevant but relative­ly unknown treatmen­ts.
  • Better recognize and respond to victims of child violence.
  • Better understand and deal with medical malprac­tice litigati­on.
  • More effecti­vely reduce practice risk and protect assets exposed to it.
  • More effecti­vely protect your practice against fraud and embezzle­ment.
  • Better diagnose and treat odontoge­nic infecti­ons.
  • Identify newly FDA approved drugs, CDC immuniza­tion updates, and drug safety guideli­nes.
  • Better manage Type 2 Diabe­tes in older adults.
  • More effecti­vely communi­cate with unreaso­nable patients.
  • Better interpret liver function tests.
  • Utilize non-pharmaco­logic pain management techniqu­es.
  • Evaluate and improve your practice’s r­evenue cycle.
  • Better identify and treat neurolo­gic emergen­cies.
  • More effecti­vely engage patients in their own care

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