Course Objectives

The 2018-19 Medical-Dental-Legal Update

You practice in a dynamic and challenging environment. While keeping clinically current is imperative, it isn't enough. You must also acquire the skills necessary to navigate a professional liability minefield, manage a more effective and efficient practice, and navigate a maze of healthcare laws and regulations. The 2018–19 Medical-Dental-Legal Update Update is designed to assist you in that endeavor.

The course, offered weekly in 32 enviable destinations, is a unique, 20-hour survey of the intersection of medicine and law as well as selected clinical topics. Produced in state-of-the-art production studios with broadcast-grade, HD digital technology, The 2018–19 Medical-Dental-Legal Update is approved for up to 20 AMA PRA Category 1™ Credits, AAFP Prescribed and ABIM MOC Credits, extensive Continuing Legal Education and Continuing Dental Education credit and offers vital instruction from national experts in law, medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, asset protection, psychology and practice management. And their presentations include discussions ranging from stress management, asset protection, medical malpractice, patient flow and benefit planning, to Alzheimer’s di­sease, new diabetes treatment guidelines, cannabis in pain management, medication nonadherence, chest X-rays and the longevity di­et.

The Update is presented in a structured classroom setting affording you the opportunity for dialogue with your medical, dental and legal colleagues, and through September 27, 2019, you will have over 900 opportu­nities to attend at your choice of 30 premier sun and ski resorts – virtually any week you choose.

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Course Objectives

After completing The 2018–19 Medical-Dental-Legal Update you should have acquired the knowledge that will better enable you to:

  • Understand and avoid malpractice litigation.
  • Identify and reduce healthcare office risk.
  • Understand and start a direct patient care practice.
  • Protect professional and personal assets.
  • Utilize non-pharmacologic techniques for managing chronic stress.
  • Utilize a variety of clinically relevant but relatively unknown treatments.
  • Consult patients on the benefits of a longevity diet.
  • Utilize aspirin as a primary prevention agent for CVD, stroke and colon cancer.
  • Understand risks and benefits of cannabis and cannabinoids in pain management.
  • Understand and utilize common imaging modalities and techniques.
  • Identify and avoid legal and ethical pitfalls of treating unreasonable patients.
  • Implement new type 2 diabetes practice guidelines aimed at cardiovascular risk reduction.
  • Interpret chest X-rays for common clinical conditions.
  • Improve practice profitability through more efficient patient flow.
  • Reduce professional financial stress by better benefit planning.
  • Understand and reduce medication nonadherence.
  • Understand Alzheimer’s di­sease and better interact with afflicted patients.
  • Understand and manage malpractice litigation stress.
  • Incorporate the relationship between diabetes and oral health into patient care.

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