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The 2020-2021 Medical-Dental-Legal Update

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98% of our registrants say they'd recommend us to a friend. If your sentiments are similar, do your friends (and us) a favor and tell them about our programs.

But good deeds shouldn’t go unrewarded so if you phone or Email (click on the icon to the right) with the names of acquaintances who have never registered with us before, we’ll send you a $100 Thank You check for each friend after they attend any of The 2020–2021 Medical-Dental-Legal Update course. And there's no limit to the number of checks you can receive – the more referrals, the more checks.

*Referral must be on file before registration of referred party and two parties can not refer each other. Spouse tuition is excluded, and referral award does not apply to the referral of a spouse.

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