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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to begin an AEI course on a Monday?

No. AEI’s course is a 5-day, 20-hour program presented weekly, 4 hours per day, 5 days a week (typically Monday through Friday), however, participants may begin any day they choose. For example, if your travel schedule dictates you may begin an AEI course on Wednesday of one week and conclude your participation in the following week of you like.

If I plan on attending an AEI course for only 2 days can I register at a pro-rated tuition fee?

Your registration for an AEI course entitles you to attend all 20 hours of programming. Indeed, you may repeat the course an unlimited number of times at any open classroom at no charge. So while one may only attend say two days of programming during their first participation in an AEI course they typically have hundreds of opportunities to complete the course (or retake it in full) through the end of its presentation cycle, usually the end of September. Pro-rated tuition, however, is not available.

Are my travel and lodging expenses associated with my attendance of an AEI course tax deductible?

As a general proposition, seminar tuition and associated travel, lodging and meal expenses are tax deductible if the primary purpose of your trip is to maintain or improve professional skills*. While AEI’s program is designed to comply with current tax laws you should always consult your tax advisor to determine whether travel expenses associated with your participation in a particular AEI course are tax deductible as that determination will depend on the facts of your situation.

* See Treasury Reg. 1.162.5; Coughlin v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 203 F 2d 307.

Are AEI courses accredited?

You can earn the Continuing Medical, Dental, Legal Education credits you need while you hone your professional skills. American Educational Institute is an ACCME accredited sponsor and all courses are approved for AMA PRA Category 1 Credits as well as AAFP Prescribed Credit. CLE, CE and CDE credit is also available in many states.

Are AEI courses approved for credit in my state?

American Educational Institute is an ACCME accredited sponsor and all courses are approved for AMA PRA Category 1 Credits as well as AAFP Prescribed Credit. CLE, CE and CDE credit is also available in many states. See full accreditation information, including state-by-state listings.

How long has AEI been providing continuing education programming?

AEI has been a continuing education sponsor since 1982 and in that time, has taken over 100,000 re­gistrations from physicians, attorneys, dentists and affiliated healthcare professionals based across the country and, indeed, the world.

Does AEI enjoy a high percentage of repeat registrants?

Yes, very. Indeed, each year of the close to 2,000 learners completing AEI course evaluation forms, over 98% say they’d recommend AEI to a colleague. Check for a sampling of what some of your colleagues have to say about AEI.

Can I register for an AEI course now and decide when and where I’ll attend later?

Absolutely. And, as described more fully below, if it turns out you need to cancel altogether that’s no problem given AEI’s liberal cancellation policy.

Do I need to register for an AEI course in advance?

No, you are welcome to register at the classroom on your first day of attendance if you like. That said, as is described more fully below, give AEI’s very liberal cancellation policy and the fact that most accountants recommend advance registration to better establish the educational purpose of your trip, there’s really no reason not to pre-register for an AEI course.

Is my tuition refundable if I need to cancel my participation in an AEI course?

Yes. While you may register for a course at the classroom with AEI’s liberal cancellation policy there’s really no reason not to register well in advance. This is especially true since many accountants feel early registration better establishes the business purpose of your trip. You may cancel any time prior to attendance and receive a full tuition refund less a $25 administrative fee. Or, if you like, you may use your entire tu­ition amount as a credit against a future registration.

Are AEI presentations ever cancelled?

No. Barring exceptional circumstances such as hurricanes, property closures, etc., AEI course presentations are never cancelled. AEI is unusual in this respect but maintains this no cancellation policy so that our learners can register for our courses and schedules their trips with confidence.

How do I know which weeks an AEI course is presented at a given location?

One of the hallmarks of AEI is that our course is presented every week of each of our 30 classrooms’ operating seasons. See the beginning and ending dates of a given classroom’s o­perating season.

Can I retake an AEI course at a discount?

We can do one better, you can retake an AEI course for free. And you can do so an unlimited number of times at any open classroom through the end of that course’s pre­sentation cycle (typically the end of September).

If I’m registered for an AEI course at a ski resort based classroom will AEI allow me to purchase discount ski lift tickets for my entire travel party including family and friends?

Yes. You’re entitled to purchase as many discounted tickets as you like. The same applies for discounted ski equipment rental opportunities. Check for all the ski resorts for which you can procure discounted lift tickets and equipment rentals.

Are discounted room rates at the hotel or condominium properties hosting AEI’s clas­srooms available to AEI registrants?

Yes. With only a few exceptions, properties hosting AEI’s clas­srooms offer AEI registrants and their travel parties discounted lodging rates if they contact the property directly and reference the appropriate AEI group or discount code. See all host properties as well as their direct booking phone number and group codes. For more specific pricing information either click on the destination’s na­me (i.e. “Aspen” or “Orlando”) or call the property directly.

Are AEI’s courses “live”?

AEI’s conti­nuing education courses are produced in state-of-the-art production studios using digital HD equipment. While the course itself is a professional, studio shoot, it is presented to our learners in a structured, “live” classroom environment. It is not self-study. Rather, registrants may attend an AEI course only at an AEI classroom, during scheduled lecture hours and under the supervision of an AEI classroom facilitator present at all times. All learners registered to participate at a given classroom and date do so in the company of all other participants similarly registered. In addition, AEI has various vehicles to facilitate learners asking questions of presenters, albeit not in real time. Finally, many learners have commented that AEI’s pre-recorded format results in a superior educational experience to live activities in which they’ve participated.

How does AEI select its speaking faculty?

AEI’s presen­ters come from all over the country and a variety of professional disciplines. The common denominator is their subject matter expertise and ability to convey it clearly to peers and those of other professional backgrounds. AEI presenters have included past AEI course participants, professionals recommended by other faculty members, and well-known authors and presenters in their respective fields. If you would like to explore the possibility of presenting on an AEI course please contact AEI president, David R. Victor, JD, at DVictor@AEIseminars.com.

How does AEI select its classroom locations?

AEI currently maintains classrooms in 30 premier Sun and Ski travel destinations. These locations were selected due to their perceived appeal to our learners and prospective registrants. If you’d like to recommend an additional destination for AEI to add to its classroom roster please do so by emailing your thoughts to Info@AEIseminars.com, it will be greatly appreciated.

What type of registration, participation and continuing education credit documentation will I receive?

Let’s take those one at a time.

  1. Registration Verification: you will receive a registration confirmation via email within 1 business day after you register on-line, and real-time if you register by phone
  2. Participation Certificate: You will receive a Certificate of Participation on your last day of attendance of an AEI course. Simply advise your AEI classroom facilitator of what your final day of attendance will be and they will have a Certificate waiting for you which will verify your registration in good standing and that you participated in the course, however, not the number of days or hours you were in attendance. Daily attendance sheets which you are encouraged to sign each day articulate the extend of your participation to some degree.
  3. Continuing Education Credit: while the exact format you credit award documentation will vary from profession to profession with AEI's brand new online credit request process at the end of your participation in a course you can request credits for those lecture you attended and receive your certificate immediately via email.

Is child care provided at AEI’s clas­srooms?

No, unfortunately we do not provide child care and so we ask that small children not be brought to the classroom.

Is the AEI classroom open on the holiday?

AEI’s clas­srooms are open on all regularly scheduled days, even on holidays. You can expect our classroom facilitator to greet you on Thanksgiving Day just as any other Thursday. If your classroom is scheduled to be open, we will be there regardless of fireworks, turkey, mistletoe, or bbqs.

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