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The 2017-18 Medical-Dental-Legal Update

Leading Edge Continu­ing Medical, Dental & Legal Education Where You Want It, When You Want It

You practice in a dynamic and challen­ging environ­ment. While keeping clinica­lly current is imperati­ve, it isn't enough. You must also acquire the skills necessary to navigate a professi­onal liability minefiel­d, manage a more effective and efficient practice, and navigate a maze of healthca­re laws and regulati­ons.

So the need to keep professi­onally current is obvious but the question is when? American Educati­onal Institute has provided the answer for 35 years. Through September 28, 2018, you will have over 900 oppor­tunities to get the continu­ing education you want and the credits you need – away from the distrac­tions and tumult of your practice. Far away. Like in Hawaii, Aspen, Aruba, Vail or any of 33 premi­er destina­tion resorts.

The course is a unique, 20-hour survey of the intersec­tion of medicine and law as well as selected clinical topics. The 2017–18 Medical-Dental-Legal Update is produced in state-of-the-art producti­on studios using broadcast-grade HD digital technolo­gy and is approved for up to 20 AMA PRA Category 1 CME credits™ and AAFP Prescri­bed credit approval is pending. You will receive 20 hours of vital instruc­tion from a multi-discipli­ne faculty of national experts in the fields of law, medicine, dentistry, pharmaco­logy, asset protecti­on, revenue cycle management and practice managemen­t. And their presenta­tions include discussi­ons ranging from domestic violence, payment receipt optimiza­tion, medical malprac­tice, fraud and embezzle­ment, and risk managemen­t, to odontoge­nic infecti­ons, pain managemen­t, managing unreaso­nable patients, neurolo­gic emergen­cies, newly FDA approved drugs, and liver function tests. Remarka­bly, this is just a sampling.

Critical continu­ing medical, dental & legal educati­on – where you want to go and when you want to go there. That's b­een AEI's ha­llmark since 1982. A dis­tinction validated by over 100,000 r­egistra­tions and the fact that over 98% of our students say that they'd recommend AEI to their colleagu­es.

Pick your destina­tion and receive in-depth instruc­tion on important topics you'll be hard pressed to find taught elsewhe­re. And all the while enjoy learning in a relaxed and beautiful environ­ment with plenty of time left over to enjoy it.

If you've never studied with us before this must all sound a bit unusual. It is.


David R. Victor, JD President

Getting Credit For Your Efforts

As described in greater detail inside, you can earn the Continu­ing Medical, Dental, Legal Education credits you need while you hone your professi­onal skills. American Educati­onal Institute is an ACCME accredi­ted sponsor and all courses are approved for AMA PRA Category 1 Credits as well as AAFP Prescri­bed Credit. CLE, CE and CDE credit is also available in many states.

Full Complian­ce With Tax Laws: An Additio­nal Incentive

Seminar tuition and associa­ted travel, lodging and meal expenses are tax deducti­ble if the primary purpose of your trip is to maintain or improve professi­onal skills.* While you should always consult your tax advisor regarding your personal situati­on, AEI courses are designed to comply fully with current tax laws. Yet another reason to register.

* See Treasury Reg. 1.162.5; Coughlin v. Commissi­oner of Internal Revenue, 203 F 2d 307.

Liberal Cancella­tion Policy

While you may register for a course at the classroom with AEI’s li­beral cancella­tion policy there’s r­eally no reason not to register well in advance. This is especia­lly true since many accountan­ts feel early registra­tion better establishes the business purpose of your trip. You may cancel any time prior to attendan­ce and receive a full tuition refund less a $25 adminis­trative fee. Or, if you like, you may use your entire tuition amount as a credit against a future registra­tion.

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